Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How to enjoy Idol, season 6

Marlee Matlin was in the audience last night.

In an earlier post on here, I'd made a joke about how even Marlee Matlin could tell that the contestants aren't very good singers. After this twist, does anything else about this season really need said?

I do, however, hold out hope for a raucously jovial finale tonight.


Don Capone said...

I thought Jordin was great last night. She took that crappy song at the end and actually made it sound almost good. Simon was right, she mopped the floor with Blake with that one.

What was up with Randy's Sgt. Pepper outfit?

Jean White said...

Blake has to sing with Evil McPhee! He is DOOMED!

SusanD said...

Sgt Pepper outfit! BAH!

Jean -- I'm so excited to see McPhee!

Alice said...

I thought Randy was a Civil War reenactor! Wish I could have screen capped one of Daughtry's expressions for you. I couldn't wait for the Dancing finale, though. I loved Laila saying she was pissed!

SusanD said...

Wait a minute! Alice, are you saying that Daughtry was THERE the other night? How'd I miss that? Dammit!

Laila was a hoot when she got booted!