Monday, February 26, 2007

Save the Fabulous, Save the World

So the whole huge scandal with the sleazy Antonella Barba pics? Yawn. But there are some interesting angles to it, in that it was huge news on the 'net, and pretty much not even a blip in traditional media. Plus, I know the show generally makes Ryan address these sorts of interwebby uproars on the air by having a chat with the contestant to clear them up. But I just can't imagine how that conversation would roll. And how would her father react to it?

Madone. I just love this guy already.

But, the scandal's been good all around. It kept everyone talking about Idol, and as a bonus, it's given everyone the opportunity to reminsce and talk about Frenchie again. (You know, Frenchie's in Rent.) Also, maybe Toni can capitalize on Taylor's success by naming her fans the "blow patrol."

Seacrest was cute doing the red carpet chit-chat with the Oscar arrivals last night though. Particularly as he chatted up Ann Hathaway and then, before she even got out of earshot, how he looked up to Julianna in the booth and said, "I love her and she's beautiful but I don't like her dress at all."

Anyhow. I might be tied up tomorrow, so I wanted to make sure and put a plea out to everyone to remember to at least watch AJ Tabaldo tomorrow night. I'm telling you. Once this whole psuedo-porn scandal-thing cools down, we'll still need something to make us giddy, and AJ is our man. I can feel it. How can you deny this fabulousness?

And yes, I DID just learn how to make animated gifs. But I only have a 15 day trial on the software so don't worry, I won't be going apeshit with them for too long.


Don Capone said...

Yay! Animated gifs!

Did I miss something with these Antonella pics? They were pretty tame, unless I missed the racy ones. And how long after she's booted from AI will it take her to do a Playboy spread?

SusanD said...

You most definitely missed at least one round of pics, Don. Remember last year when Simon told that one chick that she made him wish he was a microphone? Well, Antonella treats some guy to that exact delight in these pics. Go here:

Don Capone said...

Oh. I see.