Saturday, February 03, 2007

Best American Erotica 2007

I'm not sure I can explain to you how stoked I am about this next bit of news. The Best American Erotica 2007, edited by Susie Bright is now available.

When I first started writing, I decided to that I wanted to do with sex on the page what Tarantino did with violence on the screen. You know. Make it like, real and in-your-face and something that was truly felt again instead of being sanitized, commercialized and desensitized. And I really only had one benchmark: To someday get a story into a BAE collection. Well. I've failed miserably with the Tarantinoish thing. But! A story of mine is in this year's BAE collection. So there you go.

Susie Bright is a legend and an inspiration to me. So I just feel so lucky and honored. As an extra bonus, my story in the collection earned a few nice words in this review from Kirkus.

I've got a couple of contributor copies of the book, and it's really quite amazing this year. The full lineup features stories by: Matthew Addison, Vanesa Baggott, the late Octavia Butler, Marie Lyn Bernard, Alexander Chee, Dennis Cooper, Jessica Cutler, Susan DiPlacido, Alicia Erian, Daniel Duane, Lauraleigh Farrell, Sera Gamble, Shanna Germain, Kathryn Harrison, P.S. Haven, Trebor Healey, Nalo Hopkinson, Nicholas Kaufman, Tsaurah Litzky, Peggy Munson, Nikki Sinclair, Susan St. Aubin, and Kim Wright.

Right now, my favorite is Dennis Cooper's story, an excerpt from his novel The Sluts.

Of course, I'm celebrating in a couple of ways. I have a few extra copies of BAE 2007. So if you'd like a copy signed by me, drop me an e-mail. I'll collect the names and then pick three winners and mail a copy of it off to them. Also, I'm running a sale on my super-sleazy novel, Mutual Holdings. I'll send you a copy of it -- including postage -- for just $3. You can't beat that. Three buck fuck fiction. Full details and a paypal link are available on my website, right here.


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This is great news, and a great accomplishment! Congrats Susan!

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Alessia, Don -- thanks!