Monday, November 13, 2006

Tony & Tony

As an Italian girl, there are very few things I find more attractive than a good Italian boy. But one of those things is, of course, a bad Irish boy. I've already blathered about my love for Mickey Rourke on various occasions, but there's one fellow who's always managed to pwn even Mickey when it comes to my affections. And that guy is Alec Baldwin.

He's had just enough bad press over the years to tweak my interest without ever disgusting me. And he's coupled that with some outrageously good work on film. I love that he steps back and takes supporting roles instead of leads and often manages to steal all the thunder. Not to mention that he's been in what's possibly the best Vegas movie ever made: The Cooler. (Well, the best Vegas movie aside from the delightfully awful Showgirls)

Alec's been in good form lately, with a great little turn in Scorsese's The Departed, and a recent appearance on Bill Maher where he held down the liberal fort but did so with aggression and mouthy retorts. Alec, he's probably too much of a hothead to ever run for office, but some of the Democratic leaders could take a lesson from his never-back-down, no bullshit attitude.

But what I love most about Alec is that he's a really good sport, and he's completely comfortable playing an asshole or the fool. And he's damn good at it. Which is probably why he's one of only two people who have a standing invitation to appear once a season on SNL. (Christopher Walken is the other one.) And, sure, SNL is struggling -- to say the least -- this year with Tina Fey gone. Tina, of course, has teamed up Alec on the show "30 Rock." And so Alec hosted SNL this past weekend to promote "30 Rock," which meant that SNL was pretty much one long commericial for "30 Rock," but I didn't really mind, because I'm loving the show and I hope it gets some viewers and succeeds. It's classic, foolish Alec, and Tina is even sillier than I thought she could be.

But even though SNL is flailing, Alec did manage to pull off a couple of hilarious moments (with a little help from his friends.) "I was in Schwetty Balls!" was pretty damn funny. But the best came compliments of another good sport. If you're not familiar with the skit, Alec does a great, just really really great impression of Tony Bennett hosting his talk show. So the bad Irish boy plays the good Italian guy, and his guest this week just made it perfect.


dennis mahagin said...


How about that part Alec played in the movie, Malice, as the hiply-Hippocratic Isosceles Sausage Link between cuckolded Bill Pullman and evil Nicole Kidman?

That's a chiller-diller of a flick, if there ever was one.


speaking of SNL, here's my latest HDDC {Heavy Duty Denbo Crush}

Kristen Wigg.

*swoon* / *double swoon*

Stellar talent, and a stone hottie.

Only problem?

You try Googling her, and you get... Zilchkiss.

I'm sure that will change, quite soon, as her star is on the rise.

Go Seahawks!


Anonymous said...

Shoot. YouTube took the video down. Oh well.

Alec Baldwin was funny in the one episode of 30 Rock I caught. But what the heck is going on with brother Daniel? Holy hell.

And Dennis darling ... the reason you can't find your sweet swoonette is because you're spelling her name wrong. It's WIIG. You're welcome. :)

SusanD said...

HDDC -- now that's a compliment for someone, Dennis! I'm glad Ellen was able to give you her right name. Google on, man.

Ellen -- try the video again, I found another copy they hadn't gotten removed yet. It's worth it. Brother Daniel? Always been a mess. But I notice Alec now looks like Daniel, who used to be "the ugly Baldwin". But Alec is still hot.

Anonymous said...

So glad you reposted it! That is a HOOT! Alec Baldwin was perfect.

And yeah, he's hot. Maybe I should have called my novel, Alec Baldwin is Coming to Applewood. I bet he would have let me use his name.

SusanD said...

I'd bet $10 Alec would've been down for it. He's a bit of an attention whore. Plus, he'd have laughed his ass off at it. He'd *totally* want to play Keith Moss in the movie version.

Anonymous said...

Oh man. Susan, he'd make a PERFECT Keith Moss! I was thinking Paul Giamatti or Steve Carrell, both of whom kill me. But Alec Baldwin looks the part and would steal the show. Good call!

dennis mahagin said...


Yah, it's Wiig.

I knew that.

I did!


Plus, she's married to a Stand-Up Comic, and they tend to be highly unstable individuals, so I am definitely holding out much hope! har har :)