Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dancing Queen and King

Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke win Dancing with the Stars! As well they should. Mario, he was technically good, yeah. But in the finals, he really didn't dance so much as preen, and he's just not nearly as cool, classy, or funky as Emmitt on the dance floor. And, frankly, Mario was at a disadvantage because he didn't have Cheryl as his partner. Sure, Karina is HOT, and she's a hell of a dancer. But she can't put a routine together as well as Cheryl can, and she doesn't have the instincts on how to "show off" her partner's key assets in the dance. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a little photographic evidence of Emmitt's, uh, masculine prowess that set him apart, and it also illustrates how Cheryl knows how to spotlight the important stuff.

But, most importantly, Karina and Mario were never really able to look like they were having any fucking fun.

Emmitt and Cheryl? They worked hard, but when they'd hit the floor, they just looked like they were having a blast. This is Cheryl's second consecutive win, and she sure does deserve it. Last year's winner, Drew Lachey, was able to dance his fanny off and he had the same infectious attitude on the floor that Emmitt brought this year, and I have to think at least part of that is due to Cheryl. When I got sucked into the cheezy show last year, I figured they'd never come up with another Drew. And they didn't, really. But they did just as well this year and got Emmitt.

Emmitt, he's the guy that women want to dance with, and that other guys wish they could dance like. And he deserves that glitter ball trophy.

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