Monday, November 20, 2006

Idol releases and Idle Idols

Remember when I used to blog about American Idol? Yeah, that was fun. Well, I've kept up with some of the news, but didn't want to look like an obsessive freak so I don't post most of it here. But here are a few little snippets I felt worthy of passing along.

So. Chris Daughtry has released his CD. Here's all I have to say about that:

Also, Taylor Hicks has a really cool website, though you have to suffer through hearing that crappy song that was foisted upon him by 19E. But in cool news, his official blog is Gray Charles. A while back, Gray Charles was going to fold up shop, because he was a fan and the blog caught fire when Taylor got so popular, but it got overwhelming for the guy. But Taylor knew who was saucing his barbeque (that sounds dirty and I don't intend that), and now Gray Charles is in business. Good on Taylor.

And, of course, I have to comment on my cupcake, Elliott Yamin. He doesn't have a slick website or newly released CD. But he's got a Myspace page. (I fucking hate Myspace. Nevertheless, here's mine! Please be my friend, as I have none. Fucking Tom is my only friend. And yet here I sit ragging on Chris Daughtry even with quantifiable proof that I'm a loser.) Anyhow. Back to Elliott. He says he's hard at work on an album and that it'll be out soon. He says (through Myspace) that his first release will be a cover of Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas."

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Anonymous said...

Susan, I forgot how much I love your point-of-view and writing. Thanks so much for checking in on our cupcake, Elliott. He's taken a beating at other blogs, like MJ's a Taylor board, in reality, that I'd love to see you write about in the future. It definitely has a fair share of family dysfunction that would lend itself to your wit and writing style.

I really hope you do a bit more writing on AI5 in the next few months, including Elliott. Have you listened to Elliott's "I love you more than you know" (from his Oct. 2 solo concert)? Cupcake's voice is simply amazing!