Monday, October 02, 2006

'Tis Autumn

The leaves change, the sun sinks, and the air cools. That means two things to me: Baseball playoffs begin, and new TV starts.

I'm extremely excited about the Mets this year. They tied with the Yanks for the best record in baseball. I worry a bit now that Pedro Martinez is out for the playoffs, but I'm also vaguely hoping for a Maddux-Glavine matchup as they take on the Dodgers in the first round.

TV in general? I don't know that I'm quite so excited. I like the addition of Craig Bierko to Boston Legal, because Craig is a hottie and funny. You might recall him as Carrie's jazzman boyfriend on Sex and the City. I also like what they're trying to do with his character -- making him Alan Shore version 1.0, now that James Spader's Alan Shore has evolved into a more comfortable and cuddly territory, and is at version 3.0 or so. They tend to bring on new characters to this show and then don't have a clue as to how to write for them, so they end up benching them and then ditching them and writing exclusively for Alan and Denny. I don't mind. But maybe by creating a retro-Alan they'll be able to work up some zing for Bierko.

What truly displeases me about this TV season is The Bachelor. I do not like the show. I do not watch the show. Yes, I had a kneejerk reaction against it based on principles, but I also think it's assholey to judge something without seeing what it's really all about. So I watched it a few times. I did this not so much to prove/disprove my assumptions, but because it's a big topic of discussion at my office, and I hate missing out on water cooler talk. Plus, this show made the leap in our office to having a betting pool created for it, and I REALLY hate missing out on those. But after watching it, I realized my kneejerk assumptions were correct and that it made me ill. So I don't watch it, and I get left out of the next day chit-chat and betting pool. But this year the producers have fucked me over double by setting it in Rome. I'm a complete sucker for Rome, and I also assume they'll be going to other fabulous places in Italy like Lake Como and Venice. And since I can't go to Italy, the best I can do is watch it on TV. But now I have to watch it with a gaggle of pinheaded, superficial, materialistic, competitive, bitchy, fame-mongering whores cluttering up the view of the coliseum. Fucking hateful ABC.

The bright side to this is that I'll tune in to see how much of Rome they'll be putting on the screen, and if I keep watching for the scenery, I'll have a bounty of groteque bitches to mock on a weekly basis.

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Don Capone said...

I don't know any of these TV shows you're talking about. But I know baseball! The Mets had a good team all year, but they are unproven in the playoffs. They haven't played a meaningful game all season, and I wonder if they can turn it on for the NLDS. Meanwhile the Dodgers (the Mets first-round opponents) have had it on for at least a month straight, as they battled it out with the Padres for the NL West crown. I won't be surprised if the Dodgers win the series (and I'm not just saying that because I'm a Yankees fan). If they lose it won't be because they're without Pedro.