Monday, September 25, 2006

Snow*Vigate Anthology

I'm stealing this news from Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz's blog.

As a result of a generous grant from Indiana State
University, Snow*Vigate Press will be publishing a
printed anthology of the best on-line writing which
has appeared over the past ten years. Hopefully the
anthology will be released in August 2007.

The book will include poetry broken into lines, prose
poetry, flash fiction, long fiction pieces, creative
non-fiction, and 10 minute plays. If you would like
to nominate your own on-line work or work from others,
please follow these guidelines:

Paste the URLs of no more than 20 works in the body of
your email. You may nominate ONE piece from 20
different writers, or a total of 20 pieces from a
combination of writers (ONE piece from SIX different
writers, FOUR pieces from ONE writer, and 10 pieces of
your own writing, for example). The combination does
not matter, but please limit your submissions to no
more than 20 links. In the subject line of your
email, please type "Submission to Snow*Vigate
Anthology." Send all submissions to
dougmartin832(at) (Replace
(at) with @)

Work from any on-line site is acceptable, as long as
it has not been published in printed form.

The submission period will end on October 15, 2006.

If you have any questions, please contact Doug Martin
dougmartin832(at) (replace (at) with @).

So there's the deal. I'm going to surf around the next couple of days to pick out my favorite 20 pieces from the web. Anyone reading this, PLEASE feel free to post suggestions in the comments here, or e-mail them to me. (and don't be shy, send me links to YOUR stuff, too.)

And, I in no way think I've got one of the best pieces on the web. But if you'd just love to nominate something by me, I'm not adverse to it, either. (<--yes that's my blatant whoring.) May I suggest one of these pieces?
I, Candy --

Going Yard --

/end whoring

Now send me your stuff!

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