Sunday, October 22, 2006

Phaze Snugglers

Phaze is a publisher specializing in erotica and erotic romance. I'm pleased to announce that a story of mine has been accepted for their holiday-themed Phaze Snugglers line. I realize it's not quite Halloweeen yet, and I'll have full details when the story is available, which will be mid-November. But I can tell you that it'll be a $2 download and it's about a hot and dirty little romance that takes place around Christmas, and it's called "'Twas the Night after Christmas".

Here's the official announcement from Phaze:

The Holidays can't get here fast enough! Go to Phaze's homepage and check out our latest ebook teaser trailer featuring our upcoming Snuggler line. The first of these holiday-themed stories will be released at the beginning of November.

Here's a list of our Snuggler stories and authors:

Fairy Tail - Courtney Bee
San Diego Sunset - Alessia Brio and Will Belegon
Midwinter's Night - Michael Barnette
Santa's Helper - Yvette Hines
The Ice Butterfly - Vivien Dean
Cold Hands, Warm... - Jade Falconer
A Winter's Dare - Leigh Ellwood
Melting the Ice Queen - Aurora Black
He Came Upon a Midnight Clear - Cat Johnson
S'mores - Jalena Burke
Snow Falling on Lovers - Adrianna Dane
Proving Santa Exists - Victoria Blisse
Halfpipe Romance - Kate Burns
Twas the Night After Christmas - Susan DiPlacido

Don't get left out in the cold!


Don Capone said...

I have my $2 ready, tucked under my pillow, waiting to buy your story, Susan!

SusanD said...

Kind of the reverse, slutty tooth fairy, Don. The money is there, and now you get some smut in return. Who could ask for more? Thanks, man.