Thursday, October 05, 2006

Wotta Game!

Just as it looked like the playoffs were going to go sour for the Mets, they and the Dodgers turned in game worthy of postseason excitement. El Duque is out. Martinez is out. Trachsel was "unavailable."

What the fuck are you going to do? Forfeit? Hell no! So toss the rookie out there! YAY to John Maine for holding his shit together for the Mets. But an even bigger YAY to Paul Lo Duca for helping Maine keep his shit together by tagging out two runners at home plate. Now that's exciting shit!

Lots of people will say that the home run is the most exciting thing in baseball, but they're dead wrong. Home runs are possibly the most difficult feat in all of sports, but they're also a bit pedestrian and common. Plus, there's not a lot of suspense or tension beforehand. The most exciting play in baseball is the suicide squeeze. Now that's drama. But close on its heels is any play at the plate. And when Dodger JD Drew ran right up the ass of Jeff Kent after a right-field double, a perfect relay made for double excitement as Lo Duca tagged out Kent at the plate, turned, and saw Drew barreling in and nailed his ass, too!

That's some exciting shit, man!

Young Maine did good enough, and the rest of the team picked him up and got the win. You've heard of May-December romances, right? Well, tonight the Mets will showcase a sort of B.C.- A.D. affair by starting 40 year old, 290 game winner Tom Glavine. Tom's got experience alright. Plenty of experience tucked in between the Ben Gay and Depends. Oh, now. I jest because I love Tommy. And the Mets.

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