Thursday, August 10, 2006

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

A double elimination! And Zayra wasn't one of the booted!! She wasn't even in the bottom three! You go, baby girl. Go to Vegas full of verve and come back on the Rock Star stage next week and wreck shit, chica. I'm with you all the way.

So last night was the "surprise" double elimination of the season, and both Josh and Jill got the boot. Fine by me. The only way it could've been better is if they'd made it a triple elimination and let the Tommyhawk chop off Ryan's dreams, too. But they spared the squinty one, proving he has yet another thing in common with the illusionist he looks like: They're both good at improbable escapes.

The ones who survived get to go to Vegas with Supernova this week. I admit, I'm jealous. The only thing that'd be better than going to Vegas with Supernova would be going with Dave Navarro. Oh, yeah, I know I hate him and all. But he's good at poker and I've found myself sucked into his nail-painted, mesh-gloved wearing appeal. And like it not, he kicks out the perfect amusing comments. I think the bastard has hypnotized me from his throne or something.

I don't mind that Josh and Jill are gone. Josh sang Bad Company's "Shooting Star" last night and he insisted on grinning his idiot grin through it all and shaking his head around like he's just the funkiest cat that ever funked. He's got a good voice, yeah. But earlier in the season, Jason Newsted warned him to not overdo it with the flourishes, that a little goes a long way. Josh just doesn't "get" that. He has embellish the whole fucking song, all the time, and he ends up sounding like a butterfly with hiccups and I've had enough of his shit.

Jill, well. We knew she was going to get the boot for weeks now, ever since she popped off to Gilby (who deserved it) with too much 'tude. She sang "Respect" last night as Newsted had the "what's that smell" look on his face and all the other contestants were like WTF? I thought she sounded good on it, but wanted her booted anyhow.

The only dark spot was Ryan, who did "Enjoy the Silence" for his encore. Maybe Ryan is like a Zayra and I just don't "get" him. But I don't think so. During last night's performance, his one leg kept doing the nervous, coffee-jitters shake thing and his affected "intensity" just doesn't do it for me at all. Plus, I think he mostly sounds like shit. But I guess they had enough room on the private jet so they figured they'd let Ryan hitch along for another week since they had to bring Patrice, too.

Jill was all classy in her goodbye, thanking the guys profusely. I'm hoping she goes home and pops off and gives a scathing interview though, so I'll be on the lookout for that. Josh, he took it cool, saying he knew he wasn't in the same vein as Supernova anyhow. That's the thing, Joshy. These guys once were "in the vein", street pharms kind of guys, whereas I think you're pretty happy with your orally ingested prescription meds. He joked about not being able to go to Vegas, and Jason loved his "attitude" and spirit. Yeah. That "spirit" is easily available, and it's courtesy of Pfizer.

A random tidbit of note: What the fuck was on T. Lee's neck? Did you see that big red splotch under his left ear? That wasn't a hickey, was it? Cuz that thing was HUGE man. A chick would have to have a jaw that unhinges -- not to mention enough sucking power to pull a baseketball through a clarinet -- to be able to leave a mark like that. Also, his new haircut shows off his big ears and gives him a bit of an elfin look. I approve.

I've heard rumors that Brooke Burke is pregnant. So I ask this question: Why do any of us CARE?

As expected, Lukas got the encore last night. He once again looked like a stroke victim as he loped the dead half of his body around the stage. But the best part? He didn't get the only encore! Supernova giveth, and they taketh back. Magni also got to perform again. So Lukas wasn't the best, he was one of the best. I smirked. I then wondered why Magni, and Toby for that matter, who have accents when they speak, manage to sing without accents, as most people do. But why Lukas, who's a native English speaker, has a really heavy accent when he sings? Hmm.

I hope we get some Vegas footage next week.


Myfanwy Collins said...

ooh hohohohoooo: He once again looked like a stroke victim as he loped the dead half of his body around the stage.

And yeah, why do some of these people (and the American Idols, too) insist on smiling when the lyrics do not call for it AT ALL? I'm baffled by that. Baffled. It's very Mickey Mouse Club.

Amberlives said...

What's on Tommy Lee's neck? Sadly, oh so sadly, it is a tattoo of a kiss. It just doesn't get any worse. Oh yeh, except that I recognized it right off because someone I know has the exact same one. So I guess it does get worse.

SusanD said...

Myf - all I can figure is they don't really even ever listen to what they're saying. The disconnect is weird.

AmberL -- oh you're kidding. I'm going to have to think about that for a while. Thanks very much for the info!

Cam said...

I thought in the beginning that Josh liked to smile because he has a joy about him because of music. But it became tiresome when he did that in "Come As You Are", thanks to the creepy grin.

The more I see of Zayra, the more I'm amused. One thing: she never bores me with her outfits (heehee). I wish the other hamsters dress in other colors other than black, white, and grey.

As for Lukas, I thought he did an okay job, vocally. Nothing like with the way Marty improved by singing "Wish You Were Here" last season.

SusanD said...

I'm so glad Zayra amuses you, too, Cam. Even more glad you didn't fall under Lukas's spell either!