Tuesday, August 08, 2006

All that glitters...

is not Gold. Sometimes, it's Johnny Drama. And sometimes it's just the sparkle lotion on a stripper's cleavage.

Entourage in Vegas. Can it get any better than that? Actually, yes it can. The boys making a mid-week, fastbreak for Vegas was just the flop. On the turn, we got caustic Seth Green along for the ride with his entourage, doing shots of Jagermeister and hassling E. And the river? That was Johnny inadvertently landing a scorching hot ex-football player turned masseuse in his bed.

Oh, Kevin Dillon as Drama. How I love thee. The best part? His oh-so earnest male adoration of the massuese which somehow convinced the straight guy to give it up for Drama wasn't the "gay" part. Oh no. That paled in comparison to Drama being so interested in his new pineapple coconut body oil.

Filmed on location at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas, the show did a great job of showing off the scenery while mixing it in the plot. And the best part? It wasn't a weekend in Vegas. It was a Wednesday. That's right. Turtle booked Vince to judge the "Queen of the Stip" contest on a Wednesday. That's the beauty of Vegas. In Vegas, Wednesday is the weekend, complete with all-night partying, gambling on blackjack, poolside beauties, a strip contest, hot man-on-Drama action, Seth Green, and Ari on the verge of busting a blood vessel over this blackjack losses.

My only question at this point is this: When exactly did I fall in love with Vince? Sure, sure, he saved the day, once again. It used to be that The Piv was the main draw on this show, with Drama and Turtle rounding it out, with Vince as the token pretty boy that kept it all in play. But somewhere between getting his heart broken by Mandy Moore and defiantly dicking over a whole new set of suits for wrecking "Queens Boulevard," Vinny has really grown on me, as has Adrian Grenier.

Grenier plays Vince with the perfect cocky swagger. Not a whiff of entitlement, but plenty of confidence. Certainly, Entourage isn't Shakespeare in the park. But Adrian is turning in a great, understated performance this year, and no matter how devastatingly good looking he is, I have to give him credit for it.

But bright as Adrian/Vince has been shining lately, this episode still belonged to Kevin Dillon's Drama. From strutting through the casino in his robe on his way to a rubdown to throwing the first punch in the Seth Green showdown, Drama was living up to his name.

And I loved the robe in the casino touch, because I've seen it done, my friends. It's really not so unusual to take an early morning stroll and see the rich, suite dwellers pad downstairs for an exotic coffee in their robes. And then, of course, they get distracted by a hand of blackjack for a few minutes. Or an hour. Or three. That's the beauty of Vegas. It's perfectly acceptable behavior to be wearing pajamas and a robe, or even just the robe, as you sit around sipping a Bloody Mary and pressing a "cash out" button.

Good on Drama for getting his massage on. And good on the whole Entourage crew for letting Vegas sparkle, shine and glitter.


Myfanwy Collins said...

God you are good! My love for you grows and grows with lines like this one: and no matter how devastatingly good looking he is, I have to give him credit for it.

SusanD said...

Thank you, Myfanwy. Are you an Entourage watcher??? I never knew!

Myfanwy Collins said...

I'm not. I don't have HBO anymore--but when I did have it, I watched it.

Oh, and by the way, please keep the supernova posts coming! I'm dying to know your thoughts about last night's show.