Monday, August 21, 2006

Cut to the Chase

LOVED this week's Entourage. What a lovely little twist of beauty having Ari piss off Bob so badly. And then poor, lost, anachronistic Bob finds his way over to Warner Bros. to completely screw Vinny and Ari over.

Sigh. There will be no Pablo Escobar. And now there will be no Joey Ramone.

But from this season, there is this: Vincent Chase is one cool cat. I admitted I finally fell for him somwhere along the way, good-looking heartbreaker though he may be, but last night proved why. He's still real enough to refuse to cut in line to get Turtle his coveted Fukijamas. Naturally, Turtle ends up not getting the swish shoes because of Vincent's integrity. This makes Turtle sad. So what's Vince do? Everything he has to. Yeah yeah. It's superficial that Turtle wants the damn sneakers, but c'mon. That's not the point. The point is that Vince goes every extra yard for his pal, just because.

Oh. If only we could find just one cat with even half the life as Vinny in Hollywood. Even when he makes Turtle admit that he's got juice, you've gotta love him for it. Vinny is a last pillar of integrity in this jaded, egocentric, bottom-line land. And that's the beautiful irony of this season. The more he keeps acting like a decent human being, the more he keeps getting raked over the coals for it. It all just seems so real. Well. Except for him being an unspoiled pillar of integrity. Where's the Scientology? Where's the pampered hissy-fits? Where's the backstabbing and betrayal of his best friends? It's not here. Which is what makes this some of the best fiction going. Vinny is what we wish people would be, but very rarely who they are.

Meanwhile Drama works through his nerves about his pilot by working one out while still being wired for sound, so his director, Ed Burns, along with the rest of the crew listens in. Oh. Those charming Chase boys.

And Turtle? He deserves some Fukijamas.

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