Thursday, February 09, 2006

Million Writers Award

Thanks to the lovely and talented Myfanwy Collins, I realized that this year's storySouth's Million Writers Award for Fiction is about to kick off. Nominations begin on February 15th. This year, the award is being sponsored by Spoiled Ink, which is a terrific writer's community in its own right. As such, first prize gets $300. storySouth does incur some serious expense by putting this on though, so you're also welcome to make a donation to them. The complete Rules can be found here.

Last year, Alicia Gifford took top prize with her phenomenal "Toggling the Switch".

Remember, stories published online in 2005, over 1,000 words are eligible. So if you recall a favorite story of last year, get ready to nominate it on Tuesday the 15th. And if you're looking for suggestions, the aforementioned Ms. Collins is compiling a rather large list for your reading pleasure!

I haven't settled on what story I'm nominating yet. So if you'd like to drop me a note and suggest one, please do.

And thanks to storySouth for doing this. It brings a lot of attention to internet published fiction, and the writers.

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