Friday, February 03, 2006

Jody Raffoul profile by Matt St. Amand

The latest issue of The Drive features a terrific profile of musician Jody Raffoul written by Matt St. Amand.

Jody's latest CD is available via Amazon.

And I guarantee you we'll be hearing plenty more from Matt this year. Already multi-pubbed with a brilliant short story collection, book of poetry, and a biting satire, his first novel will be out shortly. You can visit him online at his blog.


PDD said...

I sent you and email. Let me know if you received it.

aimee love said...

first time I saw jody raffoul was at the Detroit arts eats and beats festival with sloan and collective soul but the next time was at his band's Christmas concert...I was the chick in the front row with her ass hanging out but not sure if that was actually him the next day asking for my number in the grocery store XOXO