Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I'm so thrilled to have a story included in Susie Bright's new book, X: The Erotic Treasury.

About the book:
X: The Erotic Treasury -- If there's only room for one book on your bedside table, this should be it.

The reigning mistress of erotica, Susie Bright, has expertly chosen 40 of the hottest stories ever written: breathtaking new stories as well as the most sought-after stories from The Best American Erotica series. Designed in a "gotta-touch-it" slipcase with a cloth-covered book, the package cultivates the quality and taboo satisfaction of the ­stories themselves. Luminaries like Carol Queen and Robert Olen Butler contribute to the stories about all kinds of lovers: heartbreakers, foxes, maniacs, romanticists, hell-raisers, and utter bandits. This delicious collection is certain to satisfy.

Back to me now:
Shiit. Can you believe I got something in there? The book is now available, but I'll have interviews with some of the other writers in it, along with some other promo madness in the future, cause I've a feeling you'll want this book near your bedside for a long time to come.


Donna said...

I'm so glad to be part of this book with you, Susan. I'm hoping to get an early glimpse at the Chronicle Book store tomorrow. I'll let you know!

Don Capone said...

Wow, holy crap. Congrats! You, too Donna!I want to touch it.

GJM said...

yay yay yay yay yay yay yay