Monday, October 27, 2008

Super Sundays

I cannot stop watching HBO's True Blood. I don't think there's much buzz about this show yet, and I can't figure out why. At the very least, none of my 'net pals are watching it yet, and it makes me so sad, because it's so good. From the opening credits with Jace Everett's "Bad Things" it's just attention grabbing.

Based on Charlaine Harris's Dead Until Dark, and boasting Alan Ball (American Beauty and Six Feet Under) at the helm, this show is just one delight after another. I hadn't even heard of the books until this series started, but I've now torn through the first two already and am set to dig into the third. They're fast and addictive. And with Ball thrown in the mix to bring it onscreen, the humor is dark and quirked. There's a definite dash of Claire Fisher in Sookie Stackhouse, but Anna Paquin is making her all her own. Strong and seductive, sweet and sassy, all mixed together. I do STILL have problems with this unattractive male cast, especially because there is so much graphic sex (yay!) and their bad looks just totally detract from the sex appeal. I mean, when you've got Anna Paquin and now Lizzy Caplan (!!) getting naked, give them something to work with, dammit. But there's just enough gore, and plenty of thrills, and they just keep unveiling shock after shock in the plot.

After several shitfests like John From Cincinatti and Tell Me You Love Me, it's nice to see HBO get its groove back here, and True Blood is a great lead in for Entourage. On that subject, though, man. I don't know. Suddenly, I'm not feeling it so much for Vince and the boys this year. There have been plenty of laughs, and Ari is in rare form, but now he's basically carrying the show. And, unfortunately, I don't think it's the economic downturn that's making me a little bristly toward Vince this year. Last week, when he pissed on Ari's parade, I sort of had it with him. And now, this week, Drama took macho-male ball-busting with Turtle a step into nasty territory. This show's in a precarious position, because it's a little more difficult to watch millionaire fuckheads floundering around when everyone around you is truly struggling. But when those fuckheads are also suddenly starting to act a little more assholey and superficial, it makes it even more unpalatable. Worse? I find I'm really liking Eric this year. It's just weird.

Also weird? Jimmy Smits on Dexter. They've taken the tantalizing turn with Lila knowing Dexter's nature last year and pushed it to a whole new disturbing level this week as Jimmy's DA has trapped Dexter. And he wholeheartedly approves of Dexter's disgusting bloodlust for criminals! YAY! I love it! I haven't got a freaking clue how Dexter is going to handle this twist, but that's what makes the show so good. Also? I really hope Angel gets some from his fellow vice cop.

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