Saturday, September 27, 2008


HBO has me completely under their spell again. I guess the lingo is that they've glamoured me. This Sunday night lineup of actual vampires in True Blood paired with the Hollywood bloodletting on Entourage is just too good. I still find the actors on TB unattractive, but have also come to realize a large part of that is their phony southern accents. And the fact that they're unattractive. But I love the camp and the gore and sex and that weird humor. And Entourage started a little slow, but as Piven was picking up his Emmy, I flipped the channel to catch him in action and laughed so hard -- at both him and Kevin Dillon -- in the latest episode. They actually had a car chase in the latest ep. When it started, I figured they'd really shit the bed for the year. But it was good, man! Better than most movie car chases these days! And then it just got funnier. I won't give up Dexter which starts tomorrow, but he will be relegated to tape delay.

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