Friday, October 31, 2008

Godfather of Gore

Do you like to spend Halloween watching a good old fashioned splatterfest? If so, then you'll appreciate Tom Savini, too, even if you don't know it. He's the only man in Hollywood who can claim professional titles of actor, director, stuntman, and make-up artist. And it is the make-up artist/SFX title that makes him a legend among fans of gory horror movies. He gained acclaim for his grotesque effects in Romero's cult Dawn of the Dead and then followed that up by raising the bar in the famous slasher flick Friday the 13th.

Onscreen? You gotta love Robert Rodriguez, who showcased him in two of his flicks. Savini was a deputy in Rodriguez's zombierific Planet Terror, but, more famously, he was Sex Machine in From Dusk Till Dawn.

Now go watch something really disgusting and squeal and scream and thank Savini for it.

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