Tuesday, October 16, 2007

House Money

I'm so happy. I just signed a contract for my next book, House Money. It's a long and now-pointless tale, but if you're an Entourage fan, you'll understand this reference: This book is my Medellin. (Except, like, you know, it doesn't suck outright. But I would totally cast Vinny Chase in it!) It's just been a long and arduous process getting this book to where it is. It's going to be pubbed by Mundania, which I'm really excited about. It'll be quite some time before it's available. But, a very talented and generous friend of mine, Mr. Don Capone, has already agreed to do the cover for it, and he's already got it rocking! Check it out.

How fucking awesome is that cover? I love it! I love Don!


laura petrie said...

And how fucking awesome are you! Kudos and every celebratory thing I can think of -- this is fantastic news, sweetie! Cannot wait to read it!

Don Capone said...

This book is gonna rock! Can't wait till it's in print. Congrats!

PS-Your covers are getting better and better ; )

SusanD said...

Laura, Don -- Thanks!

Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

Yee-haaaaw! Don't know where that cowboy whoop came from, but I'm stoked for you. Congratulations!!


Ellen said...

This is such excellent news!!!!!!!! (And I love your Entourage reference--perfect.) You must be thrilled.

Great cover,too. Good luck with it, Susan!


trudi said...

Congratulations Ms.DiPlacido.
And thank you for putting me on your cover.

If things are slow at work screenplay your stuff. Ship it off to the HBO series department and have Tarantino direct.

You two were made for each other.

SusanD said...

Jordan, Ellen, thanks so much! trudi -- aw, you flatter me with the QT thing. Alas, I know he's way out of my league. HOWEVER, I do have incredibly cute feet. Seriously. So I keep that in my mind and like to roll it around as a potential.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Susan! Cover looks great, book sounds awesome! Can't wait to hold a copy in my hot little hands!

J. Scales

Laclos said...

Hooray! A new book!!! Cannot wait.

And selfishly I ask: Does this mean we get you back again? And by we, I mean me.