Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cheeky Cheetah says Ciao!

So Barry didn't sing "Copacabana," but the night was delightful anyhow as Sabrina got the boot on Dancing. Oh yeah, she was good. But she was also smug. And then she was totally devastated. Trapped between tears, rage, and disbelief. It reminded me a bit of when Connie got the boot from AI.

I guess all the AARPers got out and voted to keep Geritol Jane and her Jive around another week. Or maybe ABC just fixed it so that these hacks would stop whining about racism and ageism. I think with Sabrina and Melinda Doolittle, we can now at least posit the theory that there is definitely a conspiracy of nationwide discrimination against the neckless. Jane wasn't even there to get word that we'd be able to see more of Seymore, as she contracted some strange food poisoning 15 minutes before showtime. Erm. Maybe she was sick from having to eat her own nasty words about the other dancers that she spat everywhere?

This was definitely a classic, though. Classic. Bruno was aghast, and there's not much more fun than a worked up Bruno.


Alice said...

I hate smugness with or without a neck (loved it, Susan!). Yesterday's recap was a joy, too. How fun to see Cheryl and Louis in their glory last night. Fun times.

SusanD said...

Hey Alice! I was so glad to see Cheryl and Louis, too! And they were great.

laura petrie said...

Great analogy with the Connie boot -- complete with a judge going totally off the deep end. Although a Bruno meltdown isn't quite like a Pauler meltdown.

trudi said...

Jane doesn't look like she eats so food poisoning?

Botox poisoning is more like it.