Thursday, September 27, 2007

Invastion of the body snatchers in primetime?

Remember when Francie on Alias got killed and was replaced with a lookalike faux-Francie? Poor Merrin Dungey. It's happened again. Except this time, not even her ex-husband, Taye Diggs, notices that it's not even a lookalike! This is how the Grey's Anatomy spinoff, Private Practice started, by already replacing one of the main actresses.

And to top it off, it's contagious! On the show following it, the beautifully named Dirty Sexy Money, they replaced one of the actresses MID-SHOW! Yeah, that's right. Billy Balwin's wife was played by one actress in one scene, and then by ANOTHER later in the show. Other than that obvious gaffe, though, I'm gonna give this show a thumbs up. It's frantic and though the freaky is a little diluted due to network standards, it's alright! Who doesn't love Donald Sutherland? (And it's kinda funny that he's in the thick of this strange night of tv where actresses go missing and get replaced with near-replicas, isn't it?) And though I grew to despise Peter Krause on Six Feet Under, I did love him on Sports Night. It's fun and campy so far, obviously drawing on everything people love about Ugly Betty.

As for the show Private Practice, well. There's no Meredith! And no Izzie! And it has Tim Daly. But, after Daly smirked his way through the awful dialogue of "You so moved out here because I kissed you," I was pining for Christofuh to show up and slap him upside the head with his own human-eye-tis award again. So I'll probably won't be watching that piece of crap again.

In even happier personal news, I used to watch Grey's Anatomy because it was virtually required water cooler chat in my office. But, thanks to downsizing, there are only three other people left in my office, and we're all The Office and 30 Rock lovers! (Yes, there ARE dozens and dozens of us!) So I don't have to tolerate Grey's anymore either! Seriously!

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