Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Official Guide to Office Wellness

William R. Vitanyi, Jr., author of the office satire Kyuboria, brings us his latest office lampoon, The Official Guide to Office Wellness. This quirky and funny manual demonstrates 101 common office maladies and pairs them with animal-inspired techniques and exercises to relieve the condition. Each one is charmingly demonstrated by real office workers in the accompanying photos.

There's a little something for every office dweller inside this book's pages, and more often than not, workers will chuckle at the conditions, smirk at the remedies, and laugh even harder at the full decriptions. From Bluescreenism to Coworker Adhesion Syndrome, Vitanyi proves that he's no office slouch. This is an environment he's in synch with, and his spot-on, wry observations are seldom discussed in general public in such a humorous manner, let alone compiled and chronicled so thoroughly as in this book. But that's part of the brilliance of the work. Because while it's "fresh" material, it's also instantly recognizable to other office drones. Even if the reader doesn't suffer from some of the maladies, such as Compliance Disorder -- which every longtime office dweller should suffer at some juncture -- or Ambitionism, they'll surely recognize one of their office mates who does suffer from the afflictions.

How he convinced so many people to pose in such a silly manner, I'll never know, though I suspect it has something to do with Task Exuberance. No matter how he pulled it off, this manual is the perfect escape to look forward to as a lunchtime break for those suffering from Noonism. And it'll make an even better coffee table book for office folks with a good sense of humor.

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