Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Windmill Dragons

After four months of refraining, I'm now smoking again. I mention this only because I made an assholey, grand old proclamation when I quit, so I figured it was only fair to 'fess up about the failure. As with everything, I'm ambivalent about this decision. I wanted to quit to prove I could. And, obviously, I failed at that. That pisses me off. However, smooching Keanu Reeves was also on my list of things I didn't think I could do but that I would like to attempt. In the four months that I quit smoking, I managed to gain 16 pounds. Yeah, sixteen fucking pounds. And I wasn't exactly slim and trim to start with. So, by my estimation, that extra fat put me even further away from my Keanu goal. And fuck that. If the choice is healthy lungs for life or potentially one second of happiness kissing Keanu Reeves, I'll take Keanu.

So. Onward. To grander goals. While I smoke.


laura petrie said...

Love your honesty -- a girl's gotta know and own what her priorities really are.

Substititute a macking session with Chris Noth for your Keanu kiss and I'm right there with you, doll.

Fred said...

Smoke up, baby.


SusanD said...

Laura, Fred, thanks for letting me smoke.

dorothy said...


In today's world, something's bound to ruin our lungs anyways.

meep said...

I'm feelin' ya.....as my thoughts selfishly drift off to my fantasy life with Christian Bale.

We all have to go out one way or another, and I've always liked that thing about leaving a nice looking corpse.

dennis mahagin said...

If you quit for a year, I will kiss you; but no cheating!

Out West, we call this

Aberrant Conditioning


SusanD said...

Dorothy -- thanks!

Dennis -- Deal! When I get back on the wagon, I'll let you know and the countdown will begin.

Meep -- funny you mention Christian Bale. I never really liked him much, but I've had a lifelong fixation on Batman (really.) When I heard he was going to be Batman, I wasn't so pleased. Turns out, he's the Best. Batman. Ever! I liked him even more than Michael Keaton. He's the perfect Bruce and Bat. Now when I see his stuff, I have a whole new appreciation for it -- and for him.