Friday, June 02, 2006

Elliott Radio

If you can't get enough of AI's Elliott, don't despair. Elliott radio is here. A couple of links because the one might be wonky.

Elliott here




Anonymous said...

thank you for this link and thanks to AI, I'm an avid fan of your writing. I"m going check out the stories when they're available.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Elliott Radio link. Isn't it fabulous? Can't get enough of his voice & am waiting for a CD to be released.

SusanD said...

Anon & Anon -- thanks and oh yeah, you gotta love anything devoted to E.

V.J said...

Hey Susan, I can't open the link. Is it just a link to radio. Anywho.....Elliott is AWESOME!. Hope he doesn't become forgotten. Though, if you look at, WOW!. haha He's #1.

SusanD said...

hey v.j -- yes, it's an internet site that plays Elliott all the time! I can't open it either, but others seem to like it.