Thursday, June 29, 2006

Crack, Boom...Ahhh

So, with Independence Day celebrations kicking off this weekend, it's got everyone in my area in a tizzy and checking weather reports to figure out the best time to plan their picnic and set off their fireworks.

We've been getting a lot of thunderstorms lately, so it's putting people in a funk for their plans. I feel bad for them, but I've been enjoying it. Sure, the rain can get depressing, but we've been lucky and in between all the rain, nearly every day, there are long periods of sunshine and heat. But then the dark clouds roll back in, the air gets dense, and then the cracking starts. Streaking and lighting up the sky, like a random strobe flashing in your eyes, close behind it the boom of thunder.

I love thunderstorms.

Some people get freaked out or spooked by them, especially when a particularly loud crack of thunder jolts them. Maybe they frighten me, too. We've all heard that fear is very similar to falling in love. That's the logic behind taking your new sweetie on a roller-coaster ride -- because you'll appear more attractive to each other afterward. But most amusement park rides make me nauseous, or, if there's any sort of circular movement to them, they make me throw up. And I don't think I need to tell you that projectile vomiting just isn't very attractive. Though, it does approximate the feeling I've had after some of my more regrettable dates recently.

Anyhow. Roller coasters don't make me amorous, but thunderstorms do.

I'm not sure if it's fear triggering it, or if it's the electrical charge in the air that makes the hair on your neck stand up and even in the muggy heat causes shivers up your back, followed by the rapid-fire, nearly blinding flashes of brilliant tentacles of light, crackling across the sky unexpectedly, taking you off guard and then followed by a heavy crack of thunder, so loud you can feel the jolt in your chest, your heartbeat amplified and quickened by the rolling, deep reverbs that barely settle before the next flash of lightning rips across the sky.

Yeah. That's good shit. Even better than fireworks. Maybe not as good as falling in love. But it's been a nice placebo the past week. And it doesn't even make me throw up.


laura petrie said...

Living as I do in the Thunderstorm Capital of the World (Florida, natch), I can totally dig your description and take on storms. It's the unexpectedness of the energy of the storm that always gets to me -- you never know when that lightning will crack or how close it will come or how long it will last. And the refreshing nature of the rain keeps it all in balance.

Indeed. A lot like love.

Don Capone said...

Happy 4th, Susan!

It all started with a Rebellion, you know. ; )

meep said...

Speaking of nausea.....

I know you've been busy with many more important things, but I popped in to say how I'm sooo hoping you'll be tuning in to tonight's Rock Star: Supernova opener.

From what I've seen over in the televisionwithoutpity threads, this could be another snark-infested sea of opportunity for you!

And, I keep feeling as though something's missing this summer, and I think it's the crack that is Neon Susan.

SusanD said...

Don, it did start with a rebellion. Love it, and can't wait for ours!

Laura Petrie! Ahh, yes, the surprise of it, you're quite correct. I'd be in heaven down there in all those storms. Until it started messing with my plans every day. Then I'd be angry.

Meep! I will try to catch Rockstar tonight!