Tuesday, June 13, 2006

See You Next Tuesday

Better Non Sequitur is releasing their latest anthology, See You Next Tuesday. And it's all about sex.
The recipe for our new anthology is simple: Sex, 50 stories, 1,000 words each, written by 50 authors from all over the globe. A scandalous fusion of literary traditions, See You Next Tuesday is the exclusive and hyper-unusual mishmash of never-seen sex-texts, exploring the inevitable and always poignant cross-sections of human existence and sexuality.

Some of my pals have stories in this collection, including Don Capone, Matthew St. Amand, Alicia Gifford, and J.D. Riso. And, though he's not really a pal of mine, I love Steve Almond's work, and he's got a story in here, too.

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P. H. M. said...

Heather Fleming also has a story in it and she is the best writer on the list.