Friday, July 09, 2010


I have a huge collection of Playboy magazines. When I say huge, I mean I have every single issue (except one) from 1955 through 1998, including special editions like the Vixens and Lingerie. It's mostly in very good to mint condition, and I even have double copies still in the original plastic wrap for several of the decades. It's uh, well over 1,000 magzines. The only one missing is April 1958, and I technically have it, but it's "Playboy in Las Vegas" so I want to keep that one.

I want to sell this collection. So, if you or someone you know is interested, drop me a line. You can get me at susandiplacido @ (remove the spaces) Bear in mind that the shipping alone on this collection is going to cost a lot


Don Capone said...

Will they all fit under my mattress?

Donna said...

Wow, Susan, I'm impressed and not exactly surprised, cause you are a woman after my own heart. Would love to see that April 1958 Vegas issue. Is it cool?

SusanD said...

Don, you can make a mattress out of them!

Donna -- sadly, the Vegas one is one of the lamer ones, but I have a fondness for it anyhow.