Tuesday, July 20, 2010

As the Pegasus Flies by Sue Nami

I've got a little something unique and quite entertaining for you today. (If you like Mad Men, I think you'll LOVE this.) Sue Nami's As The Pegasus Flies is a soap opera set at Reader's Digest in the 1950's. It's filled with a crazy cast of characters, wild sexual encounters, and more mayhem than a David Fincher movie. In other words, it's great fun!

You can check her and the stories out at the pegasus blog. (Start from the oldest post, as the characters keep reappearing.) And as an added bonus, she now carries the delightful stink of controversy, as she's officially been censored at Reader's Digest! That's how you know she's churning out some worthwhile reading, people! As an even bigger bonus, just in time for summer reading, her ongoing collection has been published. Now available for just $7.50 at Amazon is the print version of As the Pegasus Flies. Enjoy!


Sue Nami said...

Thanks for the plug, Susan! I really hope people enjoy my little book!

Anonymous said...

The characters are diamonds and pearls. I love the stories, followed them since first moment and always looking for the new chapter. They were a good laugh break in my busy work burden. Cheers for Sue! I keep meeting you at http://asthepegasusflies.blogspot.com/. From an overseas fan.