Tuesday, June 23, 2009

X in Audio!

This is pretty cool news. I was lucky enough to have a short story included in Susie Bright's awesome, lovingly and sensually created erotica collection, X: The Erotic Treasury. It's a really gorgeous, cloth covered book with a slipcover and all, and it's stuffed full of excellent stories. Because of its glam looks, it makes a great gift or bedside keepsake.

BUT! I just found out that if you want to check out the stories in a little more economical manner, it's also now in in Kindle edition for $15.39.

BUT! Even cooler, it's just been made into an audiobook! I've never heard anyone read my work, so this is just terribly exciting. I'm downloading it right now. (also, it's actual PROOF to me that someone other than a friend HAS read one of my stories now!) I'm going to listen to mine before the replay of True Blood tonight! (And crikey, could SOMEONE who watches True Blood PLEASE freaking visit this blog to appreciate the work I put into that damn game and giggle at some of the jokes! Work with me here, fangbangers!)

Oh, back to X, though. The audio-book is now available! Right here! X audiobook!


Donna said...

Yes, this is very cool and Xciting, Susan! I'd be curious what you think when you hear your story read by someone else. Btw, Susie has two excerpts on her blog anyone can listen to for a preview of the goodies.

Susie Bright said...

Susan, Audible is sending me some comps for the authors, so IMMINENTLY I'll be sending you some coupon codes! If you already bought Treasury, you are darling, but at least you can get a couple other books!


Don Capone said...

Congrats on this! I want to hear the audio version!

SusanD said...

Don, Donna, it sounds really cool! Donna's YES sounds excellent!

Susie --ooh, I did go ahead and get it. It turned out EXCELLENT, great quality sound!