Thursday, June 04, 2009

Murder with Boston Jonson by Biff Mitchell

One of my favorite things about being a writer is getting to know, and getting to know the work of, other writers. One of my favorite writers -- as a person, and for his work -- is Biff Mitchell. He's written two of my favorite books, Team Player and The War Bug, and now I see that he's got a recurring character going. Picture Sam Spade crossed with Magnum PI, toss in a dash of Robert Pirsig. (Let's see how many google that last refernce.) Or, maybe better put, imagine if Tom Robbins was co-writing with Raymond Chandler. The result would be Mitchell's Boston Jonson -- a sort of pre-CSI guy set in the future, cracking cases in his debut novella, Murder by Art and then in his full-length novel, Murder by Burger.

I just gobbled down Burger and give it my full stamp of approval. It was fast, fun, clever, and quirky. It takes the well-loved, and well-worn, PI formula and puts some great new spice into the sandwich.

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