Sunday, June 21, 2009

True Blood Drinking Game

Now, as you may know, when I find a show that really trips my triggers, I don't just watch it. I enjoy watching it. Volume up, phone off, and plenty of cocktails flowing. And if you have a few pals around who also enjoy the show, and cocktails, it can eventually lead the formation of a drinking game. Now, of course, you can take a crack at this with your choice of beverage, either beer of your choice, a vodka martini (three parts vodka and no parts vermouth) or Tru Blood (two parts B positive with one part O negative sounds about right). But whatever your choice of beverage, I'd suggest that unless you're wired like Maryann seems to be, you may want to pick one character and just drink according to his/her prompts instead of trying to tackle every rule, all the time. (The way I do.) Also, if any other fangbangers out there have any ideas to add to this list, let me know and I'll update it so we can all get snockered on Sundays (and repeat Tuesdays) together.

Jason is shirtless -- drink
Jason is obviously gratuitously shirtless -- drink two
Jason is screwing someone -- drink
Jason thinks he killed someone -- drink
Jason gets insulted by Andy -- drink
Jason lacks a comeback for Andy -- drink
Jason manages a comeback to Andy -- Celebrate! Keep on drinking!
Jason does something outrageously stupid and macho -- drink
Jason gets manipulated by someone -- drink

Tara cussed someone out -- drink
Tara bitches about her mom -- drink
Tara bitches at her mom -- drink twice
Tara is nice to her mom -- Keep on drinking and cuss Tara out.

Bill does something dorky -- drink
Bill does something old-fashioned -- drink and offer any guests a Fresca.
Bill says "Sook-ay" and sounds like Elvis as he does -- drink twice
Bill glamours someone -- drink
Bill shows skin -- drink
Bill shows fang -- drink twice and remember to recycle the bottle.
Bill sinks fang into Sookie -- keep on drinking

Sam pines for Sookie -- drink
Sam pines for Tara -- drink
Sam gets Tara -- drink twice
Sam gets Sookie -- keep on drinking!
Sam gets yelled at by Sookie -- sulk and drink
Sam gets yelled at by Tara -- drink
Sam gets yelled at by any female -- drink
Sam changes to the dog -- drink
Dog changes back to Sam and we get a skin shot of Sam -- drink twice and say "He's no Jason, but he's alright."

Lafayette wears lipstick/nail polish or some sort of makeup -- drink
Lafayette flirts with a girl -- drink
Lafayette flirts with a guy -- drink twice
Lafayette flirts with a VAMPIRE -- drink
Lafayette trusts Jason -- drink
Lafayette gets screwed by Jason -- drink twice
Lafayette shows skin -- drink
Lafayette puts someone in their place -- drink and call your friend a hooker.

Sookie yells at Sam -- drink
Sookie yells at Bill -- drink
Sookie gives some love to Sam -- drink twice
Sookie gives it up to Bill -- drink twice
Sookie gives Bill neck -- keep on drinking and take your B12 vitamin
Sookie avoids being glamoured -- drink
Sookie hears someone's thoughts -- drink and resist the urge to adjust your surrond sound
Sookie wears short-shorts -- drink
Sookie shows ample flesh -- keep on drinking and say "I guess it's been a long time since "The Piano" but it's still a little weird."

TERRY BELLEFLEUR does something endearingly kooky -- drink
ANDY BELLEFLEUR gets pissed at not being taken seriously -- drink
JESSICA compares BILL unfavorably to ERIC -- drink and say "Amen."
Anyone compares BILL unfavorably to ERIC -- drink twice
ERIC does something to trump BILL -- drink
ANY VAMPIRE does something to trump BILL -- drink
BILL gets the upper hand with ANY VAMPIRE -- drink twice
PAM wears dominatrix garb -- drink
PAM wears a sweater-outfit -- drink twice
Any VAMPIRE gets staked -- drink
Any VAMPIRE gets staked and explodes on a human -- drink and put on some silver jewelry
Anyone does V -- toast and drink
ARLENE whines to Sam about work -- drink
Any random gratuitous sex scene -- drink and praise HBO
Any random gratuitous blood scene -- take a big chug of the Tru Blood and praise HBO
MARYANN's pig shows up -- drink and have some bacon as a snack
MARYANN does that shiver thing -- drink
ANYONE says "FANGBANGER" -- toast and drink
ANY sort of NEW FUCKED UP THING appears -- Keep on drinking and praise Charlaine Harris
ANY character suffers some sort of humiliation that's funny -- Keep on drinking and praise Alan Ball


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