Sunday, March 08, 2009

Read an E-book Week -- Free Copy of 24/7

It's national "read an e-book week." In celebration, one of my publishers, Zumaya Publications, is celebrating by offering a selection of their titles for free download this week. You can even download a free version of e-reader right there to make it easy. One of the titles being offered is my book, 24/7.

I'm really excited about this. So if you've ever been curious about my filthy books, here's a good chance to check one out for free. Here's the link for the free download, and the pitch:
24/7 -- Vegas, Booze, Gambling, Gangsters, Sex.

And, of course, if my book isn't up your alley, do check out the rest of Zumaya's free offerings to celebrate the week.

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