Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Flame Went Higher!

Oh. My. God. Legendary show tonight. Legendary. Adam Lambert and that flaming-glam-creepy-trippy and totally outfuckingrageous by Idol standards version of Ring of Fire is going to be hard to top for the rest of the season. I think Seacrest summed it up best when he said they'd come a long way from Taylor Hicks. In some ways, yes, in some ways, no. It's the same love-it or hate-it divide that Adam creates with his drama and rehearsed presence and that crazy range. But while Hicks was harmless (to everyone but Simon) Adam has to make certain segments of the audience just squirm in discomfort. Extra bonus -- Randy's idiot comment that it was like Nine Inch Nails made me finally pick my jaw up off the floor and laugh out loud. That was some good shit all around, yo. It all made me realize I'm not just rooting for Adam because he's probably the best shot to put the "Go" in Gokey, too.

Speaking of him, I'll be out with it. He's The One this year. The One I can't stand. Back to Taylor Hicks -- how does Simon tolerate this guy Gokey considering how much he loathed Hicks? I mean, Gokey really is a re-run of Taylor, but, to me, lacking the epileptic charm. Instead he just wears a different pair of lesbian fashion-glasses every week, which does at least give him some amount of goofy interest in a Mr. Potato Head way.

That bit aside, my verdict on him is still douchey.


Anonymous said...

I have to believe the contrast between Danny and Adam was a set up. Danny in white, singing about Jesus. Adam in black, eye fucking the camera, singing about the dark side of love. (I was getting Satyricon flashbacks). The producers are setting up a face off.

Don Capone said...

I'm really starting to like Adam. Sometimes the judges are so clueless. I wanted at least one of them to say "Well, that was weird, but your voice sounded great, and that's what this is all about!" Instead they rave over lame asses like what's his name—Kris, Chris? He sang that slow, boring song. I had to leave the room. But even Simon threw praise at him.

And yes, Seacrest's comment about Hicks/Adam was great!


tanyadiva said...

I agree with Anon - it's like the Red State vs. Blue State, Angel vs. Demon, name-your-poison battle to the death Idol Cage Match Finale, already pre-setup. God forbid you're a girl this year - get back in your little box, Allison!

Two men enter, one man leaves! But who will win, Lesbian Glasses, or Black Nail Polish?

Get your non-acetone remover and lens cleaner from CVS ready, peeps! (total disclosure - I got no horse in the race this year).