Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Molesting the King of Pop

For as easy as MJ makes it to be appalled by him, I actually thought Idol made it a little easier to appreciate his songs this week. There wasn't any crotch grabbing or moonwalking, but there was "Dirty Diana" and -- what the fuck -- "Rockin' Robin?"

Since I haven't yet commented, I will say that the new fourth judge with the identity crisis does serve one important function -- she makes me appreciate Randy a lot more. He used the be the most worthless opinion, but now it's like he's throwing out pearls of wisdom while the new chick waves her head around and over-articulates and blows more hot air than a Conair Infiniti, all without the drunken charm of Pauler.

As for the favorites this year, I suppose it's in terrible taste to make some sort of joke about the state of pity in the voting in regards to a blind guy. Disabilities are not fodder for jokes. But I do suspect that only Marlee Matlin can really believe that Scott is the best singer. Dead spouses aren't funny, either. It'd be in bad taste to joke about that. But it's also in poor taste to exploit the dead spouse.

I didn't care one bit that Jasmine and Jorge went home. Fuck 'em. I also don't care about the big twist judges' save new rule. If it was a weekly thing, it'd be kind of bullshitty. But if it gives them a chance to save Adam Lambert's neck if he's in trouble, I don't mind it. Of course I like him. He's like a skinny, screechy, Broadway MeatLoaf. He was the Queen of Camp singing the King of Pop, and that's good entertainment.

I'm not sure who else I like yet. Nor am I certain of who I love to hate. I see glimmers of curious potential in some of them, so we'll see what develops. I will miss several weeks, though, so I'm not sure how into the show I'll get this year. (Gasp!)

Naturally, I am rooting for Steve-O on DWTS. I'd be honestly surprised if he doesn't end up doing fairly well. I know he's a jackass, that's why I love him. But if you've ever watched him in action, you'll know just how athletic he is with his circus clown background. And since he's rehabbing it, I presume he won't be whipping it out and taking a leak on the dance floor. But hey, there's still hope for that happening if he ever has Bam Margera in the audience to cheer him on!


Alice said...

Yay, you might have just saved this craptacular season of AI by starting your recaps! I knew you'd love Adam, too. I was hoping for lots more from Noop Dog Millionaire but I'm kinda liking the dueling piano dude. We'll see.

Murghi said...

We want screencaps!

Don Capone said...

So far my favorite is Alison. That girl can sing! How can someone who is only 16 have that kind of confidence? I like Megan, too, but Rockin' Robin? Seriously? Contestants never understand the importance of song choice. Lil Rounds might be the one to beat. But right now I'm going with Alison.