Tuesday, September 09, 2008

True Blood Brothers

Gah. Man, I've been blowing off the blogging lately, eh? All I can tell you is that I got all caught up in enjoying the last of summer, and all my entertainment came late at night from watching the crazies on Big Brother After Dark (once all the psychos were gone, it got boring) and a plethora of Bravo shows. You know, even the crappy ones are addictive. I don't know how that station has such a proclivity for finding such self-centered and yet un-self aware people who are also fascinating, but I love watching it all.

Had to give up on Weeds this summer. Nancy is just too much of a completely shitty mother for me to deal any longer.

I did come indoors early on Sunday to usher in the new season of Entourage. Thank heavens the guys are finally back. They really nail what Weeds stumbles with -- making characters do assholey things and yet still make you root for them. This week, Drama was in the throes of a prima donna meltdown, but it had to be backburnered when he got a whiff that his baby bro was in trouble. I love Drama. I really wish they could Emmy Kevin Dillon this year. Even though he's in one of the categories not entirely dominated by 30 Rock (and I'm not complaining about 30 Rock getting props) he's still got really tight competition from his own show and Piven, again. Not to mention NPH.

And, since I was in, I watched True Blood, too, because Alan Ball has a lot of goodwill built up from Six Feet Under. I like vampire stuff, and this show seems cool, though I was a bit shocked at how bad the acting was. And I don't mean campy. I like campy. But also just...bad. And bad and campy is completely excusable when you're dealing with enormously attractive people -- Showgirls is a great example -- but when the people aren't very attractive, it's a little harder. And this cast just isn't very attractive. Yes, that's mighty damn shallow of me. I don't give a shit. It's TV. If I want to watch semi-attractive people overacting, I'll stick with Big Brother After Dark. But since I do love camp, I'll stick with it for a couple more weeks. After all, it can't be as bad as John from Cincinnati was.


trudi said...

Who gave you permission to step away from the internet?

BBAD is too scary for me.
BRAVO is addictive
Entourage and Weeds I don't know from.
I forgot about True Blood and will have to get on the Ball.
And there are more attractive people on Mad Men than you can shake a stick at (hint hint).

My beloved Dexter is almost here.
You had better blog.

Sticky Elbow said...

I've watched BB in the past, some AD, and even the feeds, although not recently and not this year and it astounds me the quality of people they find in terms of perversion. The worst of the series has to be the year when one of the guy (Boogie) slept with one of the women (Erica) as a mean to control her in the game and she thought she found her soul mate. That show is crack, as in life you never get an opportunity to observe the back/front room of people.

"True Blood". Heh. I watched it. Acting was OK. The dialog for Tara had me laughing. Interesting concept having the vamps outed, but it appears to be leaning towards a mushy romance angle. I enjoyed it.

Oh. Dexter? 1st episode leaked earlier this week.