Thursday, February 14, 2008

Top Twenty-Four

So the top twenty-four have been picked for this year's American Idol. I had to stop watching the audition rounds because the repetition got to me. But I picked it up again for Hollywood week and was surprised at how much I liked it, and how much I liked so many of the people. It already seemed a lot better than last year's crop. Favorites so far? Asia'h! Loved her. Of course Michael Johns is hot, and of course he's a ringer, along with the Irish girl. I think both of them have had record deals already. But we'll see. I loved both the Davids -- Archuletta and Hernandez. And that curly haired blonde girl, Brooke, I think is her name? I liked her a lot. So I'm all in for it next week!


puppypundit said...

And so it begins.

I'm looking forward to your recaps and discovering who this year's assholes will be!

citizen jane said...

*claps hands in glee*

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

I LIVE for your AI coverage, my friend. Now the games can truly begin.

(the blogger formerly known as laura petrie ;-))

Cam said...

I think it's pretty common knowledge now that Carly is not exactly undiscovered. Yikes. This show is already getting obnoxious.

trudi said...

I'm hoping the Irish chick gets the can right off the bat.

I think that would cause a shit riot in the back offices of 19.

Teach them not to take the public for a bunch of rubes.