Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Reads

Gift Yourself for Free

Myfanwy Collins has a lovely short published in the new Monkeybicycle, "I am Holding your Hand."

Gift yourself (kinda free)

Author William Vitanyi was recently interviewed on youcube.com. If you're in the Erie, PA area, he'll be hosting a book signing for The Official Guide to Office Wellness at Borders on December 15 from 1-3, followed by a writing/publishing workshop. The workshop is free.

Gift yourself or others (not for free)

Looking for something to stuff a stocking or place under the tree? Books are cool, man. Some of the ones I enjoyed most this year:

I loved my pal Don Capone's debut novel, the very funny and very entertaining Into the Sunset.

Donna George Storey had her debut novel released this year, Amorous Woman. It won't be fully available in the US until next year, but you can order directly from her, and get some free chocolate as an added bonus, if you order from her directly. Details Here.

Shameful Self-Promotion

It's not new, but if you never read it last year, I have a Christmas-themed dirty short story available.

I also had a collection of short stories published by Rebel Press this year. It's called American Cool and it's half erotic, half not.

My first novel, 24/7, is now available on Amazon in Kindle edition, so that's a nice, inexpensive way to get a lot of bang (and banging) for your buck. (Both 24/7 and Trattoria are also still available as paperbacks.)

Also on the cheap, you can order a paperback copy of another one of my books, Mutual Holdings, for just $3, and that includes postage within the US.

Hollywood writers may be on strike, but I'm not. So if you fancy a tale, have at it. I'll save a moment for you under the mistletoe in thanks.

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Don Capone said...

Thanks for the plug! Three good books there. I have to get Amorous Woman. Or maybe just an amorous woman.