Monday, January 25, 2010

Spartacus: Blood and Cheeze

So, Starz has debuted a new series. Spartacus: Blood and Sand. After seeing the premier episode, here's my brief review. I really miss HBO's Rome. Truly, madly, deeply miss Rome.

Longer assessment: This series is walking an odd line, because they're totally ripping off the effects of Zack Snyder's 300, and yet that was a graphic novel brought to screen, and this doesn't have that overall comic book feel. It just feels like they decided to use these nifty blood spatter techniques that were the rage a couple years ago. And everything else looks cheap and plasticy. And cheezy.

Lucky for them, I like cheezy! Particularly when it's accompanied by graphic nudity, sex, and violence. And you know I love my Roman history. And yet, well, I just fucking hated this thing. I'll watch a few more episodes, because January/February is the wasteland for entertainment. Maybe the cheeziness will grow on me. But more than likely, it'll just make me pine for Pullo, Vorenus, and Marc Antony again. Seriously. Do you remember how epic that episode was where Pullo had to fight in the gladiator ring? Fuck. I miss them. And Atia! I miss Atia. This here Spartacus has Lucy Lawless all tressed up as a redhead (just like Atia) with a seemingly conniving side, and I'll give her a chance. But Atia. *sigh*


Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

Rome was singularly stupendous. I miss it too. Nothing will compare. And for Kevin McKidd's talent to be wasted on Grey's Anatomy is criminal.

Craig Sorensen said...

I'm a fan of Rome (the HBO series as well as the history of it) too. Loved it. Broke down and bought it on DVD (the series, not the history.)

Alas, I couldn't even make it through a full episode of Spartacus. It just didn't work for me. The effects, the acting, the script, none of it pulled me in. Even the sex and violence couldn't console me.

Oh well...