Friday, January 08, 2010


As Eddie Vedder said, I'm still alive. I guess the glut of TV repeats coupled with snowy weather hindering my moviegoing has just made it difficult to find things to post about. Christmas was okey dokey at Casa DiPlacido, though. Once Santa finished up with her chores, there was customary booze-filled celebration.

I know, right. The funniest thing about that picture is that even in a full costume with wig and beard and sunglasses, I am so obviously me. I'm like John Belushi in Blues Brothers disguise with those eyebrows and that nose of mine, and not one single child was confused about who "Santa" was for even a second -- hence the ample amounts of Absolut later. Pity that I vowed long ago to never post family pictures, because I swear to you, I had THE most adorable elf that ever existed with me this year.

So, all that business is over with. In case you've got a case of broken wallet syndrome after the glut of holiday spending and are now bored with little entertainment budget, I've got a deal for you. My pal and excellent writer Donald Capone now has a page at Smashwords. You can get a couple of his short stories, "nineleven" and "The Chambliss Tapes" for FREE. And his short story collection, Stories from Sunset Hill is just $1.00. Meanwhile, his comic novel, Into the Sunset is just $1.99. That's still one of my favorite books, and it's just the ticket to brighten up this dreadful time of year.


Don Capone said...

Thanks for the plug, Susan!

Nice Christmas picture, though it looks like you are torching your lamp post.

SusanD said...

I think I almost did torch that lamp post!