Friday, October 02, 2009

Literary Road Trip

Voracious book reading blogger Beth Fish was kind enough to allow me a guest post as a fellow Pennsylvania writer on her Literary Road Trip feature. So you can check out what I read all summer over there. Readers of my blog here won't be surprised at my mainstay for summer page-turning this year, but I hope Beth didn't think I was just sucking up since she's just as big a fan of the series. But I did manage to pull my nose out of Lousiana for a while to also read some other PA writers, such as Robin Slick and Michael Chabon, and a little twist of erotica, too. (Just keeping up with trends, yo!) So check it out over at Beth Fish reads!

1 comment:

Beth F said...

LOL! Your guest post was fabulous and I was so happy to host you.