Saturday, October 10, 2009


Last Sunday was the first episode in the much ballyhooed Curb Your Enthusiasm reunion of the Seinfeld cast. In it, potshots were taken at the Seinfeld finale, and we even got a few scenes set in Jerry's apartment, 5A. It was pretty funny and interesting, because in his scenes and dialogue, Jerry brought his lighthearted glibness to the generally acrimonious air of Curb, so it really did change things up a bit. But on the whole, it was extremely Curb as opposed to Seinfeld, and that's just how I like it. Enjoyable as it was though, I highly doubt that they're going to be able to top the previous week's episode, "Vehicular Fellatio." It was one of those wacky, crazy episodes that could only be aired on HBO, and yet, even though it was some pretty risque material, it never really felt dirty, it was just outlandish, hilarious, and perfectly constructed.

Also last week, Entourage finished up for the season, though it really felt a lot more like a series finale. Nearly everyone reached a major turning point. At the start of the season, I said it felt like this season was going to be about growing up, and Ari, Lloyd, Eric, and Drama all reached major milestones that'll alter their lives, and they all leapt into them with exuberant Entourage joy, which was only fitting, seeing as how they were goals they'd all longed for for several seasons. Only Turtle suffered a setback. And Vince, same as he was for the whole season, was basically a cypher with absolutely nothing going on. It was thanks to Vince, though, that we got the season's best star appearance in Matt Damon, who played himself as a class A prick. You've probably seen the viral video of him shooting a promo for his One by One charity and berating the shit out of Adrian/Vince during it. But I bet a lot of viewers missed his best part in the episode, as it actually aired after the conclusion of the final credits. So here it is in case you want to see it, it's definitely worth the lulz.

Meanwhile, over on Showtime, Dexter has returned and they haven't missed a beat with creating intensely suspenseful episodes. This year, the added responsibilities of Dexter's baby are pulling him in one direction while his dark passenger pulls him in another, and the severe sleep deprivation causes these things to collide with potentially catastrophic results for Dexter. Meanwhile, the living Carradine has returned to Miami to track a new serial killer. This year's competition for Dexter is played by John Lithgow, and he's most definitely the creepiest and scariest villain they've had so far. I can't wait for Dexter to dismember him!

Also, I was pretty much detoxed from True Blood until two things arrived in the mail this week. The first was Charlaine Harris's A Touch of Dead, which is a newly released collection of Sookie Stackhouse short stories. (YAY!) I'd been waiting on this delivery since about March, so it was nice to have it arrive, but I did manage to put it aside for now until I finish the current book I'm reading. TOLD you I was detoxed. However, the second delivery came as a bit of a pleasant surprise, as I'd ordered it over the summer but then forgot about it. It was a case of Tru Blood, the beverage. Unlike the short story collection, I tore into this immediately.

Now, here's a little personal tidbit about me. I don't drink soda. Almost never. I just don't really like it. In fact, the only things I really do drink are: water, juice, and vodka. That said, I tried the Tru Blood straight up, and it is a carbonated blood orange beverage with a fun red color and a nice sweet-tart balance. So, I'd guess most people would really like it, and it's a pretty cute novelty for Halloween, or freaky fans of the show like me. But for my taste? I found a way to improve it. Simply add this.

I add a lot of it, but your tastes my vary.


Beth F said...

I think I need me some True Blood!

SusanD said...

Hiya Beth! It is pretty yummy!