Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well, that's weird isn't it? That whatshisface beat Adam tonight?

I don't begrudge him, he's a nice guy. Cool, it seems. It just seems...odd. That he sang with Keith Urban and it was pleasant and all, and then Adam comes out and literally sets the stage on fire with KISS. I thought Janice Dickinson being there was oddly cute. Then Steve Martin. And then, the winner is...WHATSHISFACE!! WHOOO!

Just odd. To me at least. I did not expect that at all.


Don Capone said...

I can't believe I invested a whole season of Tuesday nights and Wednesday nights and even some Monday nights in the beginning all just to see the mediocre talent of Kris Allen rewarded. Adam Lambert ruled AI this year, like no other contestant before him did. He was (and is) a star on every level. performance, arrangement, out of this world vocals, style. And then some nice guy next door, who probably shouldn't have even been in the Top 5, gets more votes?!? Oh well, at least Lambert won't have to record and release Kara's lame-ass song now.

MelBell said...

My thoughts exactly, Don.

moon said...

Oh come on, where would the drama be if Adam fulfilled all expectations and won! And I have it on good authority that 10 year old girls find Kris "dreamy"! Remember who they're marketing to! *snark*

On the whole, the WHOLE show certainly WAS weird and odd - it should go down in the "What Were They Thinking?" hall of fame...
didn't quite see a shark in there though.

Anonymous said...

The look Kris and Adam exchanged when Ryan said it was time to sing the awful coronation song was priceless!

While the press tried to manufacture a conflict, Adam and Kris were firm in friendship and positivity...way to end the culture war, guys!

Before AI, Adam was earning $700 a week. Kris got married right before Hollywood week, and was considering giving up music and just getting a job.

Adam, I voted my fingers off for you Tues night, and hope you enjoy your new success!

Alice said...

Adam will be very successful and at least he didn't have to sing that craptacular Idol song again. Kris seems like a good kid and talented in his own way. I stopped voting after Matt and Allison were gone, but I liked both finalists.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it was my usual melancholia or psychic ability, I just had a feeling it Ryn was going to say Kris Allen.
And shit, I wish I was making $700 a week.

OH! Brandon is back on So You Think You Can Dance-that lifts my spirits some.

trudi said...

I knew Kris was going to win 4 weeks ago. The pimage of Adam was out of control this year. There was a backlash. The producers better learn to keep their preference in their pants.

Plus when you start out as the favorite more often then not the fans of the losers don't side with you.

What Danny Gokey fan was going to throw their vote to Adam? Their styles were 180. That was the end for Adam.

The most boring season ever. I liked Kris's Heartless. That's it.

Anonymous said...

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