Sunday, May 31, 2009


I am really not doing much these days. I don't mean to lapse into silence here, but I just don't have much to talk about. My beloved boys of summer return for a new season of Entourage in a couple weeks, along with a fresh batch of True Blood and Edie Falco's new series, Nurse Jackie. Maybe that'll give me something to talk about. I'm already deeply missing my local movie theater, which closed down just after Christmas. I used to go to a movie at least once a week, and now, suddenly, I can't even see the new Terminator. Sucks.

But, luckily, some of my friends have been more industrious than I. So let's talk about them.

Donald Capone has a review of a story up at Five Star Literary Stories. Both the original story ("AAA" by Jo Page) and the review are excellent.

Donna George Storey is hosting a virtual "Spicy Sunday Blog Tour" -- and that spice means recipes full of spices, along with the added spice of sex talk. Good hostess, she is. (See that? I'm deprived of new movies/material and I already fall back into hack yoda talk. Fuck!)

Robert Scott Leyse has had his debut novel released. Liasons for Laughs: Angie & Ella's Summer of Delirium is an erotic romp that's perfect for beach days or poolside reading, or, even better, reading in bed on a humid night, maybe aloud with a friend (or gondolier) nearby.

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Donna said...

Ooh, yes Entourage is total boy joy...I should check when/if Mad Men starts up again. I was so addicted to that show.

Thanks for the mention of the spice tour. The commenters discovered that most, if not all, of us had bland childhoods. Salt, pepper, that's it. And we're making up for it. But I think you started off with tastier beginnings!