Friday, April 24, 2009

The Pearl of the Lake

Bellagio is the crown jewel of Lake Como. The lake is shaped in an upside down Y, and Bellagio is nestled in the middle of that Y, which affords it the most spectacular views of both the lake and Alps. The highest peaks, still snow covered, are visible; the water is a deep blue, and you can clearly see neighboring villages across the narrow lake. One of the most traditional hotels is the Villa Serbelloni, favored not only for its location, but its beautiful facilities. My book loves to swim, and appreciated the palm trees with the snow-capped mountain backdrop.

The outside of the Villa is also quintessential Bellagio architecture and decoration/landscaping.

Though the gardens aren't as extensive as they are at Villa D'Este, they're lovely and well tended.

And if it gets rainy or chilly, there's also an indoor pool where you can relax. My book is as much of a pool slut as I am, so it utilized this area. A swim is particularly enjoyable after spending a day expoloring the town of Bellagio, because you do have to keep in mind that these towns are built into the mountains, so there's always a lot of uphill walking involved. And steps. You walk up and down a lot of steps in Bellagio.

But it is, ultimately, all about the lake views. And since my book and I were there in the slow season, we were able to enjoy a lakeview room.

If you've ever been to the Bellagio in Vegas, you can easily see where Wynn drew his inspiration, not only from the lake out front and the structure/appearance of the hotel and gardens, but also the smaller details such as the railings and decorations. He was unable, however, to duplicate the Alps.

The whole town is almost unbelievably romantic and pretty looking, as though it was intentionally designed to be a lover's haven.

The convenient, and relaxing, ferry which'll get you all around the lake.

And, just across the lake, yet another lovely village, Tremezzo.

For all its charm, relaxation, and splendor, if you happen to be a single gal, Bellagio does have one problem -- all that romance billowing about can get a little depressing after a few days. So, feeling a need for a break from all that, my book and I decided that an escape to Venice would be in order. You know, Venice, the it destination for honeymooners and happy couples.


Don Capone said...

These pics are REALLY making me want to go to Italy. Can't wait for the Venice photos.

Donna said...

Oh, Susan, your book has wonderful taste in vacation spots. These pictures are SOOO beautiful. What a lucky book--first a good review from Steven Hart and then a trip to one of the most beautiful spots on earth.

James and I honeymooned in Bellagio and I much prefer it to the Vegas version (although we had dinner there at their Chinese restaurant and it was quite tasty).

So you stayed at the fahncy Villa Serbelloni? How was the breakfast (an important question)? We stayed at the pensione right next door, being poor graduate students, but we had pretty much the same view of the lake.

Can't wait for Venice!

SusanD said...

Donna, breakfast was good, but pretty much the same as everywhere, I'd think. Tray of meats and cheeses, eggs, frutis, cereals, rolls of all kinds -- pretty standard, but all fresh. What put me in heaven for breakfast at everywhere I stayed was that melon was in season, so I could have prosciuto and melon.

Alice said...

Susan, Venice is my favorite city in the world! I can hardly wait. I haven't seen it since the 70s. Your book has such great taste!

On another note: Rat Pack Week!