Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Top Douche

Oh what a painful finale for Top Chef tonight with fuckwit Hosea taking the title because Colicchio is an asshole who hates ice cream.

On the plus, we did get to see darling Fabio and his impossibly cute mohawk again. On the downside, Carla cried! It even made Stefan sad to see her so upset, and I really do feel bad for her. To go out because she's a nice person who takes suggestion is just awful. She had said she was going to cook her food, though, and that's what broke her up, was knowing that it was Casey's suggestions that cost her dearly.

And it's particularly polarizing, because Carla really highlights dipshit Colicchio's meandering 'tude. He made fun of her and was very dismissive several episodes back when she claimed to be putting love and soul into her food. And yet tonight, he refused the title to Stefan with the reasoning that he didn't put enough soul into his food. (which seems like bullshit) I just really can't stand this guy much longer. He clearly speaks for the producers and contorts his view of dishes to push the agenda.

The weird thing about this season is that they had clearly set up Stefan as the "villain" and Hosea as the good guy and they played them as adversaries in many episodes. Problem is, if that's the best edit they could give Hosea to make him come off like a good guy and a capable chef, he must be a super-douche, because he came off like a whiny twit who couldn't skin an eel. More, Stefan's cocky 'tude was a true highlight of the season. Certainly, I'm sure he turned off plenty of people, but he had such humor about it all and was never mean, he was just great TV with his lesbian love-crush and overconfidence and super-Euro cuisine.

Maybe Hosea got the big prize, but I'd still rather go sit in Stefan's (or Carla's, or Fabio's) restaurant to see what they'd serve up. Now if only Bravo would serve Colicchio walking papers -- he's the villain of this show.

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Alice said...

This was truly the most miserable end to what had been a pretty good season. I started really thinking Colicchio was a tool several seasons ago, but this season cemented it - what with his jealousy of Jeff, dissing of Carla and Fabio, and now the "no soul" claim for Stefan. I agree with your assessment and I'm glad you called him out for being the real villain!