Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What sort of protiens would they serve at such a place?

Do you ever get really irritated by something you enjoy? That's how I am with Top Chef. I love this show, but it really does drive me crazy pretty often. It's not like Idol, because I can't truly judge the contestants, because I'm not eating the dishes. However, whenever someone gets kicked off like Radhika did last week for something to do with personality instead of food, it's bullshit. Just, bullshit. Also, I have eaten at Craft and I'm not so sure that Colicchio should always be mouthing off about improperly seasoned food, so that bugs. And some of the challenges are just...dumb. But, you know, they find great personalities each year to keep me watching.

This year? How can you NOT love Stefan and his ego and his wild crush on lesbian Jaime? And then there's new-age, hippy-dippy Carla, sending all kinds of love with her flaky crusts and even flakier hootie-who calls and hilarious asides. And don't geet me stahted on thee luhv for Fabio! But now, this week, with Jeff biting the dust, one of my favorite, stupid little moments each week is lost. When the contestant is speaking in a confessional and they flash their name, city, and restaurant, I misread his joint's name the first week as "The Dildo Beach Club." I was scandalized. I then, of course, realized on subsequent episodes that it's actually "Dilido". Didn't matter. It still scans in my brain as Dildo Beach Club and I get a cheap giggle out of it. And now that's over. But shit, at least we've still got Carla, Stefan, and Fahbeeo!

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Alice said...

Susan, I am THRILLED that you like Top Chef,too! I never miss it even though I think Colicchio is a tool. Totally jealous of Jeff. (Yeah, they should definitely capitalize that L in the restaurant name. ;-) ) I adore Carla, too. And hopefully, Fabio will get a show of his own. He is adorable.