Friday, December 19, 2008

Tied with a Bow

Dexter completed another season, sending Jimmy Smits back to the unemployment line as Michael C. Hall picked up another Golden Globe nom along with two more guaranteed seasons to come.

What I love about this show and its finales? It really makes a clean cut and then wraps things up as neatly as one of Dex's victims. It just keeps hiking the suspense all season, and it has fallen into the habit of releasing most of the tension in the penultimate episodes with the big climax, and then the final eps reach for some more, but basically still end up bringing the audience back down. It's a bit different than the usual format in this respect, and there can be moments where I think the final ep was a bit of a letdown because of it. But, overall, I'm getting to like this format, because it is overall satisfying. And this year, they did manage to leave a few splatters to be mopped up next season.

I will miss Jimmy, and though I loved this season, I am hoping they find a new angle next season instead of repeating this now well-worn storyline. I have confidence they will. After all, this show has pulled off the nearly impossible. I now think of Lauren Velez as "LaGuerta" instead of as "Gloria."


Sticky Elbow said...

I have to say that this season was a let down for the last 3 episodes. Not to say that it was boring, but that the moment of reveal between Dexter Miguel felt rushed and short, with the Skinner also. I like that each Season wraps up cleanly, but this Season could've used 2 or 3 more episodes, they spent time the entire season building up the climax, they might as well work the climax to its fullest.

SusanD said...

right on, Stick