Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Endings

Well. So True Blood ended with a front-loaded finale that wrapped up the season and managed to set up next season by closing out with screams and a shiver and a cliffhanger. Generally, I really fucking hate cliffhanger season endings. Like the Seinfeld once said, if I want something long that just keeps continuing, I have my own life. Fuck. But they managed to do it and make it satisfying and tempting, though I will be PISSED, just utterly PISSED if that dangling ending (and by that I mean the dangling foot) ends up being attached to a harmed Lafayette. Don't do it, Alan Ball! Don't do it!

Entourage, well, the boys wrapped it up, too, and after a grueling year that tested Vince's patience and pride, and therefore pushed me to testing my patience with him, the unthinkable happened: Vince broke up with Eric! And I was not at all happy about it! I was actually pissed at Vince. PISSED. But, of course, it is Entourage and everything ended up more than okay when the big guinea, Martin Scorsese, swooped in to save the day. Tony Bennett and Martin Scorsese in the same season! It's enough to make me tune in next year again, even if they are hitting levels of unforeseen douchery overall.

And then there's Dexter, still managing to be the superstar of Sunday, Bloody Sunday.

The twist! I did NOT see that coming, and I LOVE it! Just when the show was feeling comfortably formulaic, here came this brilliant twist to make me salivate for the last couple of episodes. Praise to you, oh Dexter writers, and praise as always to Michael C. Hall, and I fully endorse the Emmy that I expect Jimmy Smits to dance off with for this season.

Lastly, though they reside on Monday instead of Sunday, since we're also down to the penultimate episode of Boston Legal, I wanted to give a mention to David E. Kelley's drama. Spader and Shattner weren't on my favorite film actors list, but they sure do give any couple, (even Sandler and Barrymore) a run for their money for best couple ever.

Alan Shore and Denny Crane are a match made in heaven, both comedic and dramatic. This show was one of the liberal bastions that made living through the W years bearable as Kelley constantly railed against the ridiculous and outrageous by using Denny and Alan as his loving, confrontational mouthpieces. They are what Alan Sorkin so desperately wanted his star-crossed couple on the ill-fated Studio 60 to be. Except where Sorkin failed, Kelley succeeded and exceeded. They are a bromance to make even Judd Apatow jealous. Not despite them, but because of their radically different values and constant bickering, Alan and Denny are truly one of the great love affairs for the ages, and it'll be sad to smoke that last cigar.


Sticky Elbow said...

"True Blood" was a mix bag. They did close with some tantalizing stories for Season 2, such as Lady Godiva and we know why she's nude, the same reason as why Sam's nude? I'm not too keen on where they are heading with the Jason character. Bill's protege will be fun to watch next season. Not sure if I will tune in though. With a penchant of killing off characters, you'd think that it would we Lafayette, but it could as likely be Tara's mother. And can they bring Dawn back please?

Dexter's latest episode upped the ante. I can't wait to see the final confrontations between Miguel and Dexter. While not as adrenaline pumped as Season 2, Season 3 gave us a great adversary in Miguel. The twist was great, they did telegraphed that Miguel was trying to spare to skinner, but the connection was different than I thought it would be (I thought Miguel wanted to kill him himself).

Haven't watched Boston Legal in ages, but those 2 are great characters. Their closing chat at the end of episodes' classic.

Myfanwy Collins said...

Hello Susan! I just tagged you on my blog!

SusanD said...

Hey Sticky, Bill's protoge does seem like she's going to be a riot next year. HAVOC!
If you get a chance, check out the BL finale. I've a feeling it'll be good. Kelley has been sticking the pins to ABC on air the past couple eps, and it's funny.

Myf-- hello! thanks for the tag!

Sticky Elbow said...

Thanks for the heads up with BL, in which case I'll check out the past couple of eps off of ABC online, with Dexter about to cap off and TB done. David Kelley once had what 5 shows going? Maybe now he can take a nap.