Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Drama Queen

About a month ago, I sorta ragged on the new season of Entourage. I take it back. It was crawling along there, and Vince and Ari being broken up was comedy fodder for Ari, but Vince's new agent just annoyed me. But the show has started steaming along again with Medellin back on track.

I never thought I'd say this, but I love Johnny Drama. Lovable loser finally getting some luck his way! It may not be noble or cool, but there's a lot of Johnny Drama in me. I'm certainly more Johnny Drama than I am Vince, that's for sure.

Johnny protecting his new condo from the party was over-the-top, but I liked it. Some good chuckles in there. Kevin Dillon has this character nailed. You know what cracked me up? When Johnny was shooting his big monologue scene for "Five Towns" and Dillon did such an admirable job of having Johnny act "bad." Too funny.

Even funnier? Seeing Vince dressed up as Pablo Escobar!

Isn't that a riot? He looks like Andy Kaufman's alter-ego, Tony Clifton! This is something Entourage has always done, and it's a sly, funny joke. Every time we see Vince acting, it's bad, man. And I don't mean half-assed bad. It's always exaggerated, over-enunciated, intense-looks bad. But the audience and suits and viewers fawn all over it. Nice commentary on acting and Hollywood. And Medellin is supposed to be this grand epic, and it looks awful! An interesting twist that Eric actually doesn't like it.

I'm also glad to have Rhys Coiro back as crazy Billy Walsh for a few episodes. Have you ever had to deal with a volatile asshole like Billy? They make life interesting, but Entourage also totally nails how silly and frustrating dealing with a guy like that can be. Such a temperamental artiste! Completely disregarding social niceties, flaunting budgets and authority, totally committed and passionate about his "work" -- and then it's shit! Who do you think he's based on? I totally think they based Billy on Vincent Gallo.

You know how you know this show is suddenly cooking again? All that good shit, and I barely even mentioned Piven/Ari. Not that Ari's taken a backseat, though. He's still Ari, and he's still great. But this show works best as an ensemble, and that's how it's been clicking recently. Fat suits on Vince, Turtle and his endless pursuit of tits, and Drama being Drama are the cake, and Ari is the icing.


Don Capone said...

I can't believe that's Vince!
I haven't seen this new season yet. I just picked up Season 3 part 1 on dvd the other day and i'm 8 eps into it.

SusanD said...

It starts slow, but gets gooood this season, Don.